Lawn Care Services & Maintenance

Full Service Lawn Care

In addition to our fertilization programs for lawns, ornamental trees, and landscaping, Central Mo Turf Management also offers all the additional services necessary for maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape at your home or office. You can contact one company for all your lawn maintenance needs and look forward a hassle-free summer!

Lawn Mowing

Central Mo Turf Management currently provides mowing and trimming service for many customers in both the Jefferson City and Lake Ozark areas. Our experienced crews operate both rider and push mowers capable of mowing any size lawn. Lawn mowing also includes weedeating and blowing off the property.


Central Mo Turf Management offers a complete mulching service for landscape beds and has a variety of mulch products from which to choose. Mulching landscape beds is important for both winter protection of plants as well as water retention in the summer, to say nothing of the aesthetic value added by a well mulched landscape bed.

Shrub Trimming

Many landscape shrubs should be trimmed each year to develop proper shape and prevent crowding. We have a qualified staff to properly trim your landscape shrubs and small trees, so they will not be damaged and will look great!

Lawn Aeration

A healthy lawn should be aerated at least every three years. Aeration loosens the soil and allows air and water to penetrate the root zone which builds a heartier root system in the lawn.

Lawn Dethatching

A lawn should be dethatched on an “as needed” basis or in conjunction with over seeding. Thatch results from decaying leaves and grass clippings left on the lawn. Any time the thatch layer on a lawn exceeds one-half inch it should be removed. Excess thatch results in a breeding ground for insects and fungus which can destroy a beautiful lawn.


Early fall is the time to over seed. Over seeding can repair a lawn that is thin or has been affected by heat stress or fungus. It also allows new grass to develop a strong root system to carry your lawn through the heat of next summer.

Leaf Removal

Each fall Central Mo Turf Management can remove the fallen leaves in your lawn and landscape beds. Removal of leaves from the lawn is very important as they can build up the thatch layer very quickly, and if left on the lawn, smother the grass underneath as they decay. We also now provide a LEAF SUCKER to remove leaves from your property.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Central Mo Turf Management offers full irrigation installation as well as irrigation “Turn On / Backflow Test” in the spring and “Winterization” in the fall.

Snow Removal

Central Mo Turf Management operates a large snow removal service in the Jefferson City area only. We do both commercial and residential snow removal. A contract is advisable for this service. Save your back, call us!