About US


Central MO Turf Management is a full service lawn and landscape care company owned by Corey Bryan, who has over 20 years experience in the lawn care and landscape industry. The company is a locally owned business with a marketing area that includes Jefferson City, Columbia and the Lake of the Ozarks areas.

Our primary goal is to develop for each of our customers the most healthy and beautiful lawn and landscape areas in their neighborhood. Central MO Turf Management accomplishes this goal through responsive service, experience, expertise, program choices designed specifically for central Missouri, and the highest rated products in the industry. Services provided by Central MO Turf Management include turf and landscape applications of balanced "slow release" fertilizers that will feed your lawn and landscaping the entire growing season. Applications to control weeds, undesirable grasses, insects and fungus are also included in our programs. Central MO Turf Management also offers programs to correct soil and fertility imbalances and correct problem areas in your lawn.

All of the products used by Central MO Turf Management are considered the safest and most effective in the industry. Our prices are competitive and we believe the quality of the programs and services we offer are second to none. These programs are designed by turf and landscape experts to give you a healthy, rich green lawn all year long that is weed, insect, and fungus free. At Central MO Turf Management, we are not the largest lawn care company in central Missouri ... Just the very best!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the "supplier of choice" for all lawn care and landscape management services in the Jefferson City, Columbia and Lake Ozark areas.

To fulfill this mission we will:

  • Work to achieve for our customers a lush green, weed free, insect free, and fungus free lawn and landscape area they are proud of.
  • Supply high quality products and services.
  • Be responsible stewards of the environment.
  • Protect the safety of our customers, employees and the public.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • Develop superior skills and allow our employees to reach their full potential.
  • Provide a reasonable "Return on Investment" for our investors.

Our Philosophy ... What is a Customer?

A customer is...

  • The most important person ever in this office, in person, by mail or phone;
  • Not dependent on us, we're dependent on the customer;
  • Not an interruption to our work, but the purpose of it;
  • Not an outsider to our business, but the vital core of it;
  • Not a cold statistic, but a human being with feelings and emotions like our own;
  • Not someone to argue or match wits with (Nobody ever won an argument with a customer); and
  • A person who brings wants and needs to us, for us to handle to the best of our ability for the customer and for us.

Without a Customer, there is no work, without work, there is no purpose for us!