Program Add-Ons

Optional Add-On Programs

None of these programs are required. However, Central MO Turf Management provides these optional programs as tools to assist in managing your lawn, landscape beds, trees, and other outdoor areas surrounding your home.

Soil Testing -Central MO Turf Management will soil test your lawn and present you with a laboratory report detailing the fertility levels, pH level, and organic matter level of your soil. A Soil Test is the best tool available for determining deficiencies or other problems in your soil that can lead to a host of problems with your lawn. A member of our staff will explain your test results and make any necessary recommendations to correct deficiencies. Ideally, a Soil Test should be taken every one to two years. However, a test should be conducted at least every third year.

COST: $40.00 each

pH Correction -- Primary and Secondary Nutrients are most available at a pH level of 6.5 to 7.0. Fertilizer and chemical dollars are not wasted when the soil is in this pH range. Limestone will neutralize fertilizer and soil acidity, thereby releasing nutrients from the soil for plant use. Calcium, derived from limestone, is an essential nutrient for plant growth. Limestone also develops and maintains a desirable soil structure for turf growth. Proper pH levels in the soil also enhances soil activity of herbicides and insecticides.  Ideal pH level is the most important ingredient of a good lawn care program.

COST: Determined by size of area to be treated. Please call for a quote.

Organic Matter - Central MO Turf Management has been using an organic product on our lawns, landscape beds, and gardens for the past several years. The results have been "unbelievable". An application each spring and fall will bring dramatic positive results by the second year of application, especially if you have typically poor Jeff City or Lake Ozark soils. Lawns become thicker and more healthy, flowers and shrubs grow and prosper, and your garden will be more productive. A high percentage of Central MO Turf Management customers are currently using this product on their lawns and landscape beds.

COST: Very economical, but determined by size of area to be treated. Please call for a quote.

Landscape Beds (Fertilizer) - Central MO Turf Management can fertilize your landscape beds each spring and enhance the beauty and vigor of your flowers and shrubs for the entire growing season. Our products are very safe and will not burn your tender flowers.

COST: Determined by the size of the landscape beds to be treated. Please call for a quote.

Landscape Beds (Weeds) - Tired of pulling grass and weeds from your landscape beds each summer? Central MO Turf Management can apply a pre-emerge grass and weed control product in the early spring that will kill germinating seeds in your landscape beds and eliminate most unwanted weeds and grasses. The product is very safe, will not harm your landscape plants, and is very cost effective.

COST: Determined by size of area to be treated. Please call for a quote.

Landscape Beds (Insects) - Are insects chewing on your favorite flowers and shrubs? Central MO Turf Management can apply a special insecticide that will virtually eliminate all of these pests from your landscape beds. Multiple applications may be necessary, depending on severity and timing of infestations.

COST: Determined by size of area to be treated. Please call for a quote.

Fungus Problem - Is a fungus attacking your beautiful lawn. Are "circles" of dead grass (dollar spot or brown patch) appearing in your lawn? Is there a powdery substance (powdery mildew) appearing on the leaves of your grass or plants. Give us a call quick if you suspect a fungus problem! The earlier we can identify and treat a fungus problem, the better the chance of recovery. Central MO Turf Management can spray your problem areas with a "curative fungicide" to kill your fungus problem before it kills large areas of your grass or plants.

COST: Determined by size of area to be treated.Please call for a quote.

Nutsedge Spraying - There are a few weeds such as Nutsedge that are resistant to pre-emerge herbicides, systemic weed killers, and can only be controlled effectively when sprayed with a "contact weed killer" after it has germinated. Nutsedge can only be controlled with one selective contact herbicide that won't harm the grass. Nutsedge is a light green, weed-like grass with a triangle shaped stock that grows faster and taller than the other grass in your lawn.

COST: Due to the nature of Nutsedge, spray applications will be in addition to the annual programs and cost will be determined by the amount of spray necessary to kill the infestation.  $35.00 per gallon sprayed.

Tree Problems - Are insects or disease attacking your beautiful trees? Give Central MO Turf Management a call and let our Tree Specialist help solve your problems. Many diseases can be eliminated if treated early. Insects such as Tent Caterpillars, Bagworms, and boring insects can kill, or severely weaken a tree if left untreated. Fungus and Scale are serious disease problems and can weaken or kill the tree if not treated.

COST: Determined by the size of tree, number of trees to be treated, and problem being solved.

Insect Problems - Is there a problem with "moving or marching" insects in your area such as the famous Grasshopper and Army Worm invasions that have the potential to be very destructive. Central MO Turf Management can eliminate these pests with a surface applied insecticide that will not only kill insects, but give residual action as well. If you see any indication of these insects in your lawn, call Central MO Turf Management immediately.

COST: Determined by size of area to be treated. 

Trimming/Pruning Landscape Beds - Save your back! Let a Central MO Turf Management professional prune and clean your landscape beds properly. We will prune your plants and shrubs properly, then clean your beds and haul off the trimmings from the previous years growth.

COST: Determined by the time to complete the job.

Aeration and Thatch Removal - Aeration allows air and moisture to penetrate the soil more easily. Dethatching removes decaying leaves and grass clippings before they can build up and smother the grass or become a home for fungus growth. Dethatching should be done on an "as needed" basis when the thatch exceeds one-half inch. Aeration is recommended every one to three years depending on soil type and lawn use.

COST: Determined by size of lawn.

Mulch Landscape Beds - Central MO Turf Management can clean and dress up your landscape beds with new mulch in the early spring.

COST: Determined by cost of mulch and labor necessary to complete the job.

As you can see, Central MO Turf Management has many different programs to assist you in managing a beautiful lawn, great landscaping, and solve the unexpected problems that occur from time to time that may have the ability to destroy, in a few short hours or days, what it took you possibly years to develop. If there is anything else you would like us to accomplish, that is not on this list, please give us a call.

Central MO Turf Management is a locally owned business whose owners have many years of experience in the professional lawn care and landscaping business. Our goals are to not only provide our customers with great looking lawns and landscaping by using the safest and most technologically advanced products available to the landscaping and turf industry today, but to respond to any problems you may incur in a timely manner; do exactly what we promise you we are going to do; and keep you informed with detailed information concerning each of our applications.

At Central MO Turf Management, we are not the largest lawn care company in the area... Just the very BEST!!!