Lawn Fertilization Programs


This is Central MO Turf Management's basic lawn fertilization Program. It consists of five applications annually. Each application contains a "slow release" nitrogen, phosphate, and potash blend of high-quality fertilizers designed specifically for the local turf area.

  1. The first application contains a very strong pre-emerge herbicide that will kill virtually all grassy weeds such as crabgrass for the entire season as seeds germinate.
  2. The second application contains a systemic weed killer designed to kill broadleaf weeds with a previously established root system.
  3. The third application contains a high-tech insecticide that gives season long control of harmful molting insects, such as White Grubs and Caterpillars that originate in your lawn.
  4. In early September, Central MO Turf Management will apply the fourth application of a balanced fertilizer designed to give your lawn a great look for the fall season.
  5. The fifth application in October also contains a balanced fertilizer application designed to carry your healthy lawn through the harsh winter months.

This is a great program for building and maintaining a very healthy lawn that is free of unwanted weeds and harmful insects.

Optional Add-On Programs


The PRO II Program is identical to the PRO I Program, except the insecticide control product is removed from the third application and a balanced fertilizer applied. This program is designed for those lawns that do not have chewing insect or mole problems

Optional Add-On Programs


The Pro Supreme Program consists of 9 total applications throughout the year.

  • This program is based on the 5 applications described in the basic Pro I Program.
  • In addition, Central MO Turf Management will apply 4 additional applications of a preventive fungicide in June, July, and August that will control virtually all fungus seen in this area under normal conditions.
Central MO Turf Management will also include applications of high-quality micronutrients designed to enhance the health, vigor, and beautiful rich color of your lawn. In addition, a member of our professional staff will systematically inspect your lawn for any unforeseen problems that might occur during the growing season. If your lawn has a potential fungus problem each year, this is a great program to consider.

Optional Add-On Programs


The Economy Program is identical to the PRO I Program, except for the 3rd application and 5th application are removed, for a total of 3 total applications per year. This program is designed for lawns that require just the basics of fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed control and is cost effective for larger lawns. The Economy Program is the same price PER APPLICATION as the Pro I Program.

Optional Add-On Programs


In Missouri, it is virtually impossible to develop a "high class" lawn that will stand the test of time without an insect and fungicide program included in your lawn care management program. If you desire a great lawn, these are the best programs for achieving your goals.

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