It seems like mole and gopher activity is increasing each year in central Missouri. Also, we are hearing more and more reports of armadillos moving into our area. Each of these burrowing animals can do extensive damage to lawns, landscape beds, and gardens. The primary food source for all burrowing animals is the common earthworm. However, grub worms are their favorite food source when available.

Central MO Turf Management started testing a chemical product designed to repel these burrowing animals in the fall of 2011 and have been impressed with the results. Therefore, we are now offering this product only to our customers.

The Central MO Turf Management Mole Application is a granular product designed to repel moles, voles, gophers, skunks, rabbits, ground squirrels, and armadillos. The base ingredient contained in the product is castor oil. When applied and watered into the soil, the castor oil coats all of the worms these burrowing animals like to feed on, but it will not kill the worms. The castor oil also will not harm any burrowing animal. However, when the mole or other burrowing animal eats a worm treated with the oil, it makes them temporarily sick, plus they do not like the taste. Therefore, the burrowing animals will leave your property to feed elsewhere. The product is environmentally friendly, and will not harm children, pets, or plants after it is applied to the soil. To become active, the material should be watered into the soil, but you can simply wait for natural rainfall. Once the product is applied to the soil the first time, you may see some increased mole activity as the animals leave your property. The manufacturer recommends applying the product to the entire lawn the first time, then treating only the perimeter of the lawn thereafter.

What is the effective time range of this product? When trying to control live animals, nothing is absolute or guaranteed. However, the manufacture suggests the product is effective for up to three months. In our tests, we reapplied a follow-up application every two months and have not had any mole problems reappear. The cost per application is $10.00 per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn, landscape, or garden applied with a $35.00 minimum application charge.

If you are having mole problems on your property and are interested in Central MO Turf Management applying this product to your lawn, landscaping, or garden, please give us a cal or send us an email. If you use this product, Central MO Turf Management would request that you to give us feedback on its effectiveness. Those of us at Central MO Turf Management are only interested in offering products to our customers that are both safe and effective. Your input is the only way we have to truly evaluate the effectiveness of this product.

If you are interested in having your moles removed from the property, we can help you out with that as well. We have teamed up with a highly trained wildlife professional and can arrange to have the unwanted varmints completely removed from your property. Please call 573-634-2231 or email us for more information.