Central MO Turf Management provides three Lawn Fertilization programs for both
commercial and residential customers customized to fit you and your lawn care needs.


Same as PRO I minus the grub control.
Includes 5 applications.
This program is Identical to the PRO I Program, except the grub control product is removed from the third application and only the balanced fertilizer is applied. This program is designed for those lawns that do not have chewing insect or mole problems.


Our most popular fertilization program.
Includes 5 applications.
Applies high-quality slow release balanced fertilizers designed specifically for the local area. This is a great program for building and maintaining a very healthy lawn that is free of unwanted weeds and harmful insects. Includes grub control.

PRO Supreme

Comprehensive program for fungus prone lawns.
Includes 9 applications.
This is our very best program that includes all the same 5 applications as the PRO I Program, but adds an additional 4 applications for preventative fungus control. If your lawn has a potential fungus problem each year, this is a great program to consider.

Our Other Services

In addition to our PRO lawn fertilization programs we also offer these services.

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