What our Customers are Saying...

I started using Central MO Turf Management approximately 5 years ago, I used to be the skeptical one, thinking that I didn't need anything to help my grass. After the first year the results were very noticeable not to mention all the wonderful comments from my neighbors on how green and lush my yard had become. would recommend to anyone that you need to start using Central MO Turf Management, their knowledge and professionalism is unmatched by anyone, and I guarantee you will notice the results! (They're also great at leaf removal)

Dan Mustoe,
Jefferson City, MO

For the last ten years + it has been such a joy to have Corey and his team take care of my lawn and my landscape. The compliments I get on the lawn are never ending....it's amazing! No job and or task is either too big or too small for them. It is such a joy to know that I have these dependable young men to help me with my lawn!!

Lynda Fain,
Jefferson City, MO

Given today's demands on an individual's time, it is a rare event when one triages this precious commodity (time) to express both "thanks" and a "high degree of satisfaction" for a job well done over the many years that Central MO Turf Management has been our exclusive service provider for the lawn, vegetation and landscaping care of our lake home located at 60 Queens Point in Lake Ozarks, MO. Central MO Turf Management has been the total package bringing together knowledge, dedication and professionalism to meet a client's needs at a value/cost ratio that far exceeds what the competition has to offer. Some of the Company's attributes are as follows:

  • Respect for your property as if it were their own. If by accident anything is damaged while servicing the property you can expect an immediate call offering to repair the problem at the Company's expense.
  • A breadth of service in their area of expertise that few if any can match and a willingness to do the little things at their own volition that make a difference in the overall quality of the work product.
  • Technical Knowledge gained not only from experience but from extensive research of leading edge developments coming from the nation's leading agriculture universities. For several years running, Central MO Turf Management has successfully returned our lawn from a disastrous situation (one from summer's heat and one due to a sprinkler system failure) to an exceptional yard by the beginning of the following year.
  • A staff of quality Personnel. Central MO Turf Management has consistently hired and maintained quality service personnel that reflect the values of the owner and the client. They take the initiative to clean the decks, driveways and the property in general to our total satisfaction. For example, they will adjust our sprinkler system to the correct settings to insure that our yard is always properly watered.
  • A willingness to adapt to a customer's preferences. You only have to ask only once for something to be done, like edging to be done in a certain way, and it happens.

In summary, we hope that we have successfully articulated the underlying factors that are the basis for our satisfaction with Central MO Turf Management and we sincerely look forward to many years of a continued high degree of quality service.

Steve & Karen Stetz,
Lake Ozark, MO

I appreciate the excellent care you have given my yard through the years! You have changed it from a yard of weeds, to a yard of nice GREEN GRASS!! And I do thank you for that.

Robert Mason,
Lake Ozark, MO

You guys are just what I want and need for turf care. I never have to worry about attending to my lawn you and Ryan have Always been pro-active with taking care of any current problem and handling issues that might become a problem. Maybe best of all you do the job w/o excess charges. I am very pleased and gladly recommend you to all that want quality turf!

Kenny Nicklas,
Jefferson City, MO

My wife and I moved to JC from Pennsylvania in 2009. The house we bought was relatively new and fit our taste and needs. Unfortunately, the yard and landscaping had been neglected.

I enrolled in the MU Extension Master Gardener's program; and armed with my new-found knowledge, set out to landscape and beautify our 1/2 acre of paradise. The landscaping went fine and I am proud of the results but the yard stubbornly refused to respond to my efforts.

Finally in 2011 I called Central MO Turf Management and signed a contract for their "PRO - 1 PROGRAM." It's now one year later and I just put down the phone after thanking Corey Bryan, owner and operator of this local business for the remarkable improvement in my lawn.

Central MO Turf Management has the knowledge, resources, and staff to make your yard flourish. I highly recommend their services.

A Satisfied Master Gardener Who Knows His Limitations -- Morris D. Munsen, Jr.,
Jefferson City, MO